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“It is infinitely easier to contradict than to investigate.” ~ Dr. Samuel Hahnemann

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“Homeopathy is an applied science, not a theory.” ~ Dr. James Tyler Kent

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Our critics often say that anecdotal evidence is not scientific evidence, but Double-blind Randomized Placebo-Controlled Clinical Trial is the only scientific evidence to prove the efficacy of one medicine or mode of treatment. They do not know the fact that it is anecdotal evidence that bring cases to all systems of medicine including modern medicine. Some one tells about a system or doctor actually brings cases, not RCT. That means success of a system or doctor is nothing to do with RCT. Anecdotal evidence with documented cases has its own value, no doubt. All popular medical systems exist in this world mainly because of the anecdotal evidence given by the common man.

A person says, “I used to get severe migraine which was not controlled even after consulting many doctors for more than one year. Finally, I took ‘xyz’ medicine, after which I have never suffered till date”. This is anecdotal evidence, which is not a “scientific” evidence to prove that ‘xyz’ medicine is useful for migraine or the system by which ‘xyz’ was selected is correct method. They considered it as placebo effect or a coincidence due to natural body mechanisms to cure the troubles after certain period of time.

What they actually do:

They take 100 people having migraine, and randomly divide them in to two groups. To one group ‘xyz’ will be given, and to the other group receives placebo. The whole team of researchers and the master experimenter does not know who get the ‘xyz’ medicine and placebo.

The changes in symptomatology will be monitored regularly, and finally, they will analyze the results. The changes in the ‘xyz’ medicine group and placebo group will be compared, and the medicine will be declared useful when the result is remarkably noted than the placebo group.

For example:
Suppose we take 100 Osteo arthritis cases, and randomly divide them into two group. One medicine Rhus tox 30 C is given to 50% and others receive placebo pills.
Now what could be the outcome? Out of 50 cases who received Rhustox 30c, a few cases that suites the symptomatology of Rhustox will respond positively. And other cases will not show any marked changes. Out of 50 placebo cases, a few cases may have result due to placebo effect or natural cure. So, they will compare the number of cured cases in medicine group and placebo group, and declare that Rhustox 30C is not better than placebo in Osteoarthritis. This is what they repeatedly do and fool the public.

What they should do instead?

Take 100 cases of osteoarthritis. Take all cases in detail as per Homeopathic point of view, and select suitable medicine for each individual patient. But randomly and blindly give placebo to 50 out of them, and the remaining 50 should get the medicine that was selected for them individually. Here the researchers do not know who got the simillimum and who got the placebo. At the end of the study, they can compare the result with placebo group and the medicine group. The result will be always positive, that is why they will not do this.

RCT is basically a method done when they introduce a new drug. So, their interest is to know the efficacy of that particular drug for a particular condition or disease. This is not necessary in Homeopathy (still, many doctors do this due to academic interest) as we have the drug proving process. In fact the drug proving can be done in RCT method by giving placebo to one group and medicine to the other. So, it is clear that Modified RCT as per the system of medicine is the better alternative that blindly doing RCT only for the sake of criticism and media attack. Blindness is not a sin, but pretending blindness is always a sin!

© Dr Muhammed Rafeeque

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EU orders Britain's organic farmers to treat sick animals with homeopathy


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